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Biblical Translation - Does the Revised Version of Westcott Hort Change the Word Meanings of the New Testament (AV - KJV) ?

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Biblical Translation - Does the Revised Version of Westcott Hort Change the Word Meanings of the New Testament (AV - KJV) ?


Biblical Translation - Does the Revised Version of Westcott-Hort Change the Word Meanings of the New Testament (AV - KJV) ?

The original title of this is âDoes the Revised Version affect the Teachings of the New Testamentâ, an âobviousâ title, IF you are among those who lived 100 years ago. The question that this author is asking, is: what is the impact of Westcott and Hort on the actual words and meaning of the New Testament, through the release of their version of the Bible ?

The Revised Version was released around 1881/1882 by a group of translators who were nominally Anglican. However the Revised Version is largely perceived as having opened the floodgates to weak, inaccurate and misleading translations of the Biblical Text. That assessment is disputed, almost always by those who a-priori, are opposed to any conclusion that the Old and New Testaments might actually be the Word of God. To claim to be âsearchingâ for answers is allowed, but to actually claim to have found answers, well that is not so politically correct. The original translators of the New Testament believed in the text they were translating, and in its supernatural origins (according to the work of E. Henderson and Robert Haldane, Munro, Calvin, Robert Wilson, etc).

But modern translators are a very different group, who have undertaken the translation of Christian texts as resume enhancers or as a means to obtain tenure. The result is that those who take college courses on Christianity find themselves barraged by critics who were hired on the basis of their rejection of the Christian faith they would claim to educate others about. Christianity seems to be the main religion where this takes place. Buddhism should be taught by Buddhists, Islam may be taught by a Moslem. Why is Christianity treated to a different standard, where confusion is often the result, especially to sincere or seeking students ?

Keep in mind that to challenge the new othodoxy of underming of Christianity would cause worries to countless philosophy departments, seminary professors, and publishers who have made not a few dollars claiming that they had the newest âsecretâ of Christianity, the secret teachings of Jesus, a picture of the wood of the cross, the veil of Mary, etc. Thurcaston makes the effort to look at the translation of Westcott and Hort and compare it with the Greek New Testament, in order to evaluate the results. Keep in mind that Westcott and Hort released BOTH an English-Language version of their text, as well as a Greek Text version (which was their own greek collation based largely on Vaticanus). The version of Westcott-Hort in England was called the Revised Version. In the USA, the Westcott-Hort version was withheld from publication until 1901, when it was released as the ASV, the American Standard Version. Burgon, FHA Scrivener and many others took Westcott and Hort to task for actually substituting their own changed and altered New Greek text, in place of the standard Greek text which had been used by the historic church for 2000 years. Since that time, there are multitudes of versions of the New Testament, and many people have found the new versions confusing and un-clear. There are a few new versions such as that of Jay Green, but that is based on the ancient historic Greek text [T.R.] used by the Byzantine and historical Evangelical churches.

The Bible Societies split on this question of which text to use. In 1904 the BFBS, agreed to stop using the Historic Greek Text for the New Testament, and to substitute a new Hybrid, the version of Nestle. Nestle based his version on Westcott and Hort, and also on the changed text of Tischendorf, who had decided to adopt Codex Sinaiticus, part of the same family of rejected texts as Codex Vaticanus. [Hoskier did a line-by-line comparison between Codex Vaticanus and Sinaiticus in his work âCodex B and its Alliesâ, which was released in 1914 (available online).


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Reviewer: nogravenimage - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 29, 2014
Subject: All roads lead to Rome, the New Christ and his False prophet, Westcott and Hort lay the groundwork for the Vatican re-emergence...
How Westcott and Hort lead their followers (and modern version readers) to the Vatican.

You dont have to believe that the Charismatic leaders, streams and rivers (as they like to call it) have mostly been seduced by the Vatican. You dont have to believe it, but it is still true.

The latest is Ulf Ekman, the pastor of one of the largest Charismatic churches in Sweden.


Ulf Ekman Converts to Roman Catholicism

(3-9-2014) Ulf Ekman - Ulf Ekman

During his Sunday morning service, Ulf Ekman announced the he and his wife, Birgitta, are converting to Roman Catholicism.

Ekman is the founder of Word of Life, a megachurch in Uppsala, Sweden. News reports and blogs coming out of the nation reveal the congregation was “partially stunned” after hearing what was packaged as a “special announcement.” The theme was “Follow the Lamb Wherever He Goes."

“For Birgitta and me, this has been a slow process were we have gone from discovering new things, to appreciating what we have discovered, to approach and even learn from our fellow Christians,” Ekman says



This may not seem instantly relevant, the issues of reconciliation between the Vatican and the Charismatic movement. But the truth is that they are very much the same, not the least because Charismatic leaders either have actually Roman Catholic theology, or are following Roman catholicized leaders of the Charismatic movement.

What will accelerate this even more is the supposed defection of Evangelicals from being Evangelicals to becoming Eastern Orthodox. Much as they would protest, the fact is that the Eastern Orthodox Church itself (meaning all 16 major denominations under its roof) are in the midst of reconciliation with the Vatican. The Eastern Orthodox church itself is leading its own followers to the Vatican (as the Anglican Church continues to try to do, each and every day).

Saying you dont formally have a Pope does not mean that you are not accepting 95% of the theology of the Vatican system, which the Eastern Orthodox church DOES accept. Both systems also practice communication with the dead as well, thereby garanteeing spiritual blindness on a very personal level. Denying these facts does not make them any less so.

The Vatican system of the Western Roman Church claims to be a Rational system. It is Rationally errant, (full of errors and contradictions to the Bible) whereas the Eastern Orthodox system (the Eastern Roman Church) claims to be a Mystical system. It is MYSTICALLY Errant.

And both systems will find reconciliation at the feet of the Pope, whether admitted or not. The Charismatic movement is and always has been a Roman Catholic vehicle. The Protestant counterpart [to the Vatican mystical experience] was a Pentecostal movement but they quickly merged into the Charismatic stream and spread much of their Trinity-denying system (which is what Oneness-pentecostalism is all about) through their meetings and conferences.

The Purpose of the Emergent Church is to help individuals emerge: first into Heresy, then into Roman Catholicism, and finally in worship of a different Christ. Emergent leaders would object to the characterization perhaps, but not to the truth. And how would they know in anycase ? Their own premise functionally is ultimately void, holding to the self-defication through self-doctrine.

There is a Biblical definition of the Emergent Church, though: it is called Departing from the Faith.

[Of course, for those who actually never had faith, only external conformity, they are only departing physically, they actually never belonged, either to Jesus Christ or to the Bride of Christ (the spiritual church)].

If you do not care enough to study these issues that affect you directly, chances are that you do not care (at the moment) about your Eternal soul. That is a precarious position to be in these days. Those who don't care, usually DO care very much, usually when it is too late, and they can do nothing to change their status or the outcome of where they spend eternity, for eternity.

We all know the old saying: Eternity is a L-O-N-G time to be wrong.

Emergent doctrine, is the doctrine of NO-DOCTRINE.

Emergent teaching attempts to assert that all theological definitions lack meaning as they cannot be divorced from the context of the human who asserts meaning through words. That is false, and irrational, as this system rejects any objective truth. Fine, well you can defy gravity and refuse to believe that gravity, has form, meaning, substance, implications or consequences, but that will not change what will happen if you jump from a building.

After dragging the newly-seduced emergent into meaninglessness, the new emergents abandon themselves to mystical experiences. The Emergent Church of Heresy merges itself a bit more with both the Eastern Orthodox Church and Estern Philosophy, on its way to the Vatican.

Richard Bennett in his VIDEOS and articles (available free here and online) understands these trends and attempts to clarify these points. No one should care, unless they value:

1. God
2. Jesus Christ, as the New Testament defines Him
3. The Word of God
4. Truth
5. Historical Accuracy, or
6. a Genuine and personal relationship with God.
7. The afterlife and their personal destination for eternity.

Others ministries also have explained some of these issues in greater detail.

Many evangelicals are so brainless (sorry if this hurts), that they have no clue what they believe. Most of them have no idea, and no idea how to either explain or defend what they believe. Of course, then a church can only be a social club, since it is not interested in actual truth.

Many of these problems and challenges are accentuated and brought to light by the
Charismatic movement. This is not to say that all Charismatics teach falsely. That is not the case. But it remains the case that a substantial majority of major charismatic leaders and ministries are themselves in contradiction to historic Christianity, the Reformation, and the Bible. WHile all of us may wish this were not the case, it nonetheless is.

Many of the problems in theology in Charismatic circles occur because the Charismatic working is the pragmatic outworking of variean [contradictory] systems of theology:

- Occultism, and Zohar-talmudic theosophy
- Charismatic and Pentecostal deviation sub-movments
- the Shepherding Cult movements (Ft Lauderdale 5)
- Juan Carlos Ortiz/ and the G-12 movement in Latin America
Vatican II Theology (which re-affirmed the doctrines of the Council of Trent), and
- Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement (so-called)

In the Reformation, if you study this, you will find not much differentiation in major theological points or systems. These various streams adhered to a litteral and detailed faithfulness to the Word of God. Where they disagreed, it was mostly an issue NOT of doctrine, but of local congregation administration. ( for example the Baptists wanted the preachers to decide, but the Presbyterians wanted their congregations to vote on most decisions...those are examples of church administration differences, NOT major theological differences).

The Charismatic movement is essentially the petri dish where occult theology will triumph as it merges with the Vatican into a global system to be the religious incarnation for the leader of Europe who will compell all who buy, sell or trade to accept a mark/imprint of loyalty on their right hand or forehead. Of course, that cannot possibly become true....until it becomes so obvious, that those who have allowed themselves to FIRST be misled THEOLOGICALLY, will allow themselves to be misled INTO ACCEPTING the mark of allegiance ON (or INTO) their right hand or forehead....nothing hurts like the truth...It is easier for many of the foolish (often called evangelicals) to believe things contradictory to the Bible, than it is for them to realize that they are following false doctrine, by which they have been seduced...if none of this applies to you, then you should not find yourself resisting the rest of the data here.

(but if this bothers you, what does this tell you, about your own conclusions about your own eternal state and status ? Do we just keep smiling...and say nothing...?

A lot of this has to do with the earlier Catholic Charismatic Movement as promoted by Catholic Philosophers (Ralph Martin, etc) in the 1970s. (Ron Sider, Tom Sine, and Tony Campolo were a few of the Old Hands). But Katherine Kuhlman and the Charismatic Conference in Kansas City (back in 1977) is really what kicked this off.




Some have rightly understood much older links to this, tracing them back to Norman Grubb (in his later life) and his Wink of Faith (false self-deification movement), and through the work of his brother who ran British Intelligence for a very long time. This would encompass the work of Henrietta Mears and her 5 proteges (including bill Bright) and those under the Tutelage of William Branham and Ern Baxter with Bob Mumford. These movements coalesced under the suppposed separate Streams of the Kansas City Prophets (Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson [interpreter of omens] (daystar), and Bob Jones. These were mentored by Paul Cain. The other stream was led by C. Peter Wagner, and McGavran through Weiner and WYAM, and their work at Fuller, Wheaton and in MIssiology. The theology for the movement was laid down by the Lausanne Cttee (known as LCWE) through the Billy Graham Group, who have never found a Catholic Cardinal or above, that they would not embrace. (we wont spend much time here delving into connections between the Club of Rome and the Billy Graham group. That would be through the Rev. Donald Hoke, who is one of the 3 incorporators of the Billy Graham Association...but...that would be telling...)

Catherine Graham of the Washington Post, Sen. Lindsey Graham of Carolina, Bob Graham of Florida, or Billy Graham, they are all Grahams, and they are all fostering doctrines which are co-opted. That is why Roman Catholics are turned away from the Biblical Text at Billy Graham crusades and forced intstead to reconcile BACK TO the Vatican through their local archdiocese. (do your own research).

[Yes, this means that Billy Graham crusades try to force Roman Catholics to remain in their false teachings, INSTEAD of sharing with them, how they can be saved through Faith alone in Christ alone, through Jesus Christ alone, since He is the ONE mediator between God and Man. Sadly Billy Graham works AGAINST this basic doctrine in his own crusades, through this is not announced among evangelicals, it is STILL enforced by the Catholic leaders at the Billy Graham crusades].

[NOTE: Billy Graham's own statement in his late years confirmed his own doubts about preaching the Biblical message of Salvation only through Jesus Christ. That is not surprising. There are many consequences to being a 33rd Degree mason. Onf of them is acceptance in the ceremony that Lucifer is an Angel of light. (see the work of Satanist Masonic Leader Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma if you actually need the proof). To be a mason means to repeat their ceremonies hundreds and hundreds of times during ones masonic Career. This usually takes a deep and deceiving TOLL on the masons themselves. This is certainly a Pattern that Billy Graham seems to follow. ]

IN order to mislead people in mystical movements, the other part of the theological work had to be laid down TEXTUALLY, through versions of the Bible that would either depart or alter the actual words and content of the New Testament.

THAT work was handled through WYCLIFF Bible Translators, and Townsend, who was mentored (and overwatched his whole career) by Eugene Nida, who was a Vatican operative. Eugene Nida formed the United Bible Societies (UBS) back in 1938, as a front for the Anti-Reformation German Bible Society which had been nazified [and never recovered, though it had previously been corrupted through both KITTEL (Old Testament) and NESTLE (New Testament)] in the NESTLE-ALAND GREEK NEW TESTAMENT !!.

The German Bible Society (and UBS) remain the ANTI-thesis of what Martin Luther ever taught. The theology for UBS and the German Bible Society comes out of the Textual Institute of Munster which is a Vatican-run Agency. (Again, do your own research).

The works through the Wycliff Bible Society were altered in conformity with Vatican texts, which Eugene Nida made sure was the case. Wycliff versions not only conform to Codex Vaticanus, (historically rejected during the Reformation as a false manuscript__read the detailed work of Professor Hoskier, available online) many wycliff version soon after publications, find subsequent editions have false apocryphal books inserted into them.

This happens with the funds sent in to wycliff by evangelicals who have no idea that their funds are going to promote Roman catholic altered versions of the BIble all over the world in outlying tribes and areas where others cannot reach. In this manner, evangelicals are litteraly paying for the conversion of these tribes, to the Vatican... so much for Berean studies, study to show yourself approved, and seek discernmnent...Cameron Townsend would be so proud, along with Eugene Nida. Not to worry, since Kim Clement and Patricia King, Mike Bickle and others will continue the work to merge syncretistic Zohar-Talmudic theosophy in with the new Versions, in order to present themselves to the new Christ as a living sacrifice, that is until Bill Hammon and Rebecca Wagner and Rick Joyner unite in their version of Joel's Army. This will build on the work established by Charles Capps, Ken Haggin, and Ken Copeland, all promoters of the Occult through E.W.Kenyon and William Branham, (Lest not forget Christ for the nations, whose founder was often pictured with Branham).

This Army will be an army only those soldiers (men, women, transgenics, and transhumans will all be sporting a shiny mark on their right hand or forehead as they make war on the redeemed saints, according to them)...

Nida (a follower of Westcott-hort) had already formally entered into a Concordat with the Vatican through the United Bible Societies back in 1966, when the UBS became the front line publishers of the Greek Text used in all protestant seminaries around the world, and it still is today. Nida continued his work through both Wycliff and the United Bible Societies. One of the other 5 board members was Maria Martini, also known as Carlo Maria Martini, the Archbishop of Milan (though he later held a preparatory post in Jerusalem, his last post).

Carlo Martini also was in charge of all of the training of all Bishops of of the Vatican system, in Rome, as head of the Pontifical Institute of Rome, at the Vatican.

Well, if evangelicals have Roman Bibles, with Roman alterations, made by Roman theologians, mentored and guided by Roman-trained theologians...then where is the mystery about why and how Evangelicals are being seduced straight back to the Vatican...?

The latest was that Rick Joyner (a Kansas City Prophet under Wimber and Paul Cain) had joined the Roman Catholic Knights of Malta.

Who is in doubt about where this is all going ???

Conversion to Rome or Salvation through Jesus Christ ?

The Vatican term for conversion to Roman Catholicism, (which they incorrectly assert as their brand of salvation) is called Evangelization, in contrast to the standard definition of Biblical Eternal Life between man and God through Jesus Christ as the one and only mediator in accordance with the New Testament, which is called evangelism (when it is shared with others).

The Biblical understanding of Evangelism as the New Testament defines it, which is the transmission of the words of Christ and his message, is NOT at all the same as conversion to the Vatican Canon law, which the popes now call

Evangelism is the propagation of the gospel of faith in Jesus Christ alone, through Christ Alone, plus nothing.

Evangelization is conversion to the false doctrines of Vatican Roman Catholicism. It is a system of slavery offered as salvation through
good works, incorrectly declared as meritorious.

Those who fail to stand for something will fall for anything, and evangelicals have stood for mostly nothing for many decades now.

Each remains accountable, speaking of milstone around the necks of those who allowed these things under their own churches, I am glad to not be in their shoes...

Keep seeking truth...

Hidden History of the New Testament, and those who translated the Modern Versions


How to be saved, have eternal life, and find God

experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, spend Eternity with God,
and all others who have made the choice to be forgiven and reconciled to Him

Every Breath you breathe is a gift from God. No one knows how much time they have.

No one who delays and then dies, thought that their time to live here would be up.
Suddenly its too late.

Make the choice, while you can.

Reviewer: SitchinLied - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 12, 2013
Subject: Facts, Facts and Facts
In contrast to the myths and the errant Greek manuscripts that Nestle used ( and persuaded others yearning for acceptance to use – see further below), and Westcott and Hort advocated, the serious material and documentation of Gail Riplinger ;. who wrote about New Age Bible Versions and her Free videos ;. should be mandatory for all those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, and also for those who aspire to truth, or who are seeking accurate answers ; about the Bible, whether you agree with her or not.
Truth – real actual, outside-of-yourself, objective truth – God's Truth, has nothing to be afraid of. Some messages and facts are larger than the messenger, and this is true in Gail's case also. So if truth upsets you, or you are working for a spirit-guide, then fall back asleep, but only at your own risk. There are forces that DO NOT want you to WAKE UP. They do not want you to THINK. They do NOT want you to ASK QUESTIONS. You are involved in spiritual warfare, just by reading.

I will not tell you that Gail is perfect, but who is ? I would prefer a flawed human, who actually wants to do what is right, who tries to do gurnall ; what is right, and who is trying to catch up on history, manuscript studies ; paleography, study of ancient Greek ; or Hebrew ; ... I would prefer someone MAKE the attempt ; and fail, rather than be like most pew-warming FALSE christians;, millions of whom; are surely headed for a lake of fire, while telling themselves ; that that they are saved ; offering not the slightest proof nor demonstration of this, who have no conscience, no understanding of the Bible, no ability to know, learn or discern what is the theology of God, versus what are false theologies.

If you assert that you have the status of being regenerated or Christian, and you actually are NOT (a Christian in the eyes and evaluation of God, who actually does know your spiritual state) , then the assertion does NOT make you a Christian ;. It simply means that your claims to be a christian are part of your own self-deception ;. The New Testament refers to those hundreds of millions of people as being part of the great falling away. Be sure you know who you are trusting ;

The old debates used to be about Christianity ; versus other religions. Now the issue is about What KIND of Christianity one has. And there is now MUCH more occultism ;, [ spiritism ; = demon possession] far more plain [[ demonic material, (SRA)]]; and much more FALSE miracles – You-Tube ;. [[ FALSE signs and wonders ]]; and many people who are simply possessed who are now simply part of their so-called [[ counterfeit local ]]; congregations. They are also among those who will take a mark on their right hand or forehead soon enough, and they will also believe the soon arriving false Messiah ; who rules from ;. Rome ; from Babylon ; . (Layard);. or Jerusalem ;. and whose plan involves getting through the time of Jacob's Trouble ;, (which is projected to be around seven years ;.). True Christians already know, as soon as you try to do what is right, as soon as you try to actually have a ministry, and especially if you are critical of other ;. ministries ;which are false ; or antiscriptural, ;, (Bickle, etc) you can be sure that spiritual forces will be evident in your life to begin resisting what you are doing, to s l o w you down and to stop your work, your ministry, your efforts and any results you might have hoped for.

This is why we are told to contend EARNESTLY ; for the true faith. Gail is not That rare truth-teller C Cumbey ;, nor as controversial as another Christian, Kay Griggs ;. (who tells the truth about leaders that Christians should have the courage to hear), nor quite as focused in her approach as the reliable historian Richard ;. Bennett ;. However the forces that Gail describes are real, their falsehoods are revealed here ;. also ;, for example, the work of the apostate false translator Kittel ;. ( Who admitted that he rejected the Old Testament, the claims of Jesus, and therefore the New Testament also ) ;.

So it is no wonder that wherever truth ; has actually managed to survive, there are many forces attempting to distract ;. and prevent people from even watching ;, or learning, so they can make up their own mind, for themselves. There are good teachers here, and the material ; that is contained ; in her ;. book ; about New Age versions remains accurate. Westcott and Hort despised Christians, and especially evangelicals. That reality seems to false evangelical leaders ; [ including Seminary professors ; and many Pastors ; ( false shepherds ; ) ] to use Westcott-Hort ;material , sources, and books (including false ancient greek texts) but only if the congregations are not informed of the the sources ;. of the material.

Is it possible that It is up to you, personally and individually, to consciously know what you believe spiritually, and know and find out for a fact what is true spiritually, and what is not true ? Yes, so If you get that part of your understanding of the Universe wrong;, you alone will pay the consequences;. This is WHY people who care about you tell you, and ask you, and recommend to you, that you read the Bible, often starting in the New Testament with the Gospel of John ( which is often a good place to start). If anyone told you not to worry about genuine spiritual accuracy, if a priest or pastor told you that you do not have to worry about it, then you were lied to ;– at that very moment. Now you and your eternity (and where you will spend it) hangs in the balance.

You are entirely 100% totally liable for every decision you make about whether to find God or reject Him, and whether to seek truth or not. A decision to ignore the data will simply be a definitely wrong decision. God knows you read these words, and He reads your heart, your mind and your thoughts. Chose what you want, but know that that you will have the consequences of your choice. Freedom of choice, means that YOU get the freedom to chose, your eternal destiny, and how to alter that destiny, if you chose. Freedom of choice means you chose and then you are also collecting the consequences of your choice. So chose wisely.

I cannot specifically speak to Gail's later material, but as for the 4 videos about versions of the Old and New Testaments, they are on track. Those videos (mp4) need to be watched by anyone in ministry, and anyone seeking truth. Certainly it is SAD that most pastors are too afraid, too gutless, too many cowards for most of them to personally study or deal with theses issues.

I guess for them, Jesus told them to go out into the world and preach the gospel, UNLESS ---> it was controversial, unless ---> they had to take a risk, unless ---> they valued their paycheck more than Jesus, unless ---> they might upset their main financial church contributor [isn't that idolatry, placing that individual ABOVE Jesus Christ, as the ruler of THAT local church ??? Chosing between Jesus or Mamon (love of money), is the choice that hard, really ? if you are truly a real and authentic Christian ??? ]

Many pastors and even youth leaders are uncomfortable reading this right now, because they know this is true, and many of them are recognizing the truth about their Seniour Pastors. You are being led by those who are VERY willing to lead you astray ;, by departing from the New Testament. There is a subtle seduction by which the junior leadership ; in churches are both pressured and seduced into SILENCE, so that Pastors are NOT confronted Biblically, which they should be by other leaders in the church, and so the entire church is compromised, first by the Senior leadership, but then further by the OTHER leaders (even Laymen leaders) who refuse to stand for truth, and are willing to put their own congregation in the way of HARM, in many ways and on many levels. To act in that manner is a betrayal of their office and a further betrayal of Jesus Christ. And for many, You KNOW this applies to You and your choices. You know who you are ;.

Do yourself and your spiritual future a favor: REVERSE your stand, get some guts, repent ;
of your own betrayal of Jesus through compromised leadership, compromised leadership ; and START doing the right thing, by confronting FALSE and wrong leaders in the church and congregations you are. Jesus rocked the boat, every day that he woke up and taught TRUTH and commitment to God.

When Pastoring becomes about the money, and when Seminaries professors are paid high salaries, given tenure, comfort and status, they seem to STOP caring ; about the spiritual wellbeing of those they are supposed to be helping ;. And that seems to happen real fast, (and even faster in official or state sponsored or state funded churches or denominations).

Yes, the road to hell, paved with good intentions ;, and full of pretty sights, sounds, and counterfeit ;. signs and wonders ; apparently runs through the doors and sanctuary of many churches, as Gail and her material has demonstrated and documented. Now if you feel comfortable, enough to ignore BOTH the information, and the steps needed to inform yourself, then I guess you have just declared where your allegiance is, and is not. Don't worry, Free drugs, Free demons ;. and a little mark needed to buy and sell ;. will be actually really here shortly to minister to your short term needs. Let those who think that modern versions are authentic, deal with the actual questions raised, and then test themselves against the results. Those who truly believe that they have the truth have nothing to fear. On the other hand, being deceived, and having mistakenly chosen (consciously or not) to believe falsehoods ; by your seminary-trained Pastors ;,THAT may have an impact on your eternal understanding, reaching far beyond your current perception. Some people wanted God to take His hands and control off the planet. He should no longer interfere, but let humans show ;that they can actually run and direct the planet ;, without God ;. Very soon, that ; will be the reality.

He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep, in order to gain that which he cannot lose. It is time to give up the old idols of professor-worship, and the comfort of official church salaries. Honor God instead of seeking your own material comfort, even under the guise of seeking pastorates. Dont compromise on truth-seeking just because you are longing to be recognized as a young leader. Take time to know God. Give Him a chance to show what He can do in your life. Study the lives of those who came before you. Time seems to be in short supply. Seek truth. Ask God to help you.

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by john burgon, holy ghost, dean burgon, westcott hort, vaticanus, sinaiticus, griesinger, lorento, d'aubigne, chauvin, martin luther, carston thiede, BFBS, ABS, ABU, Bible Union, mission press, cura wilson, w.e.b. blackstone, missionary, riplinger, gipp, estienne, vance, grady, granville sharp, unger, nolan, British and Foreign bible society, richard bennett, Szent Biblia,Kaine Diatheke, jay green, Testamento, diodati, almeida, stanley faber, tischendorf, Frederick Scrivener, Hoskier, F.H.A. Scrivener, Arthur Custance, Christi Nye, Kainh Aiaohkh, Novum graece, ebenezer henderson. Griechische, Textkritik, Griekse, Linguas Antigas, HE Kaine Diatheke, Holy Spirit, Bible Versions, True Christianity, Genuine Evangelical, Church History, Rapture, Espiritu Santo, versiones de la Biblia, El verdadero cristianismo original, Evangelica, Historia de la Iglesia, Saint-Esprit, la Bible Versions, vrai christianisme, christianisme reel, authentique evangelique, Histoire de l'Eglise, Heiliger Geist, Bibel Versionen, Wahres Ch
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by Burma, Burmese, Karen, People Groups, New Testament Burma, Bible Burma, Bible Thailand, Bible Myanmar Burman, Ethnic Minorities, Asia History, East Asia, Asia India, Languages India, Languages Linguistics Thailand Burma, Burman, Mon script, Kyanzittha (1084B1112), Bago,Lower Burma, 1540, Tabinshwehti's, Bayinnaung sil, wycliff, translators, 1551B1581, Manipur, (1556), Shan states, (1557), Chiang Mai (1557), Ayutthaya (1564, 1569) and Lan Xang, (1574), South East Asia, Rakhine, Rakhine Yoma, Chittagong province, Bengal, Shwedagon Pagoda, Anglo-Burmese War, King Alaungpaya, (1752B1760), Konbaung Dynasty Shwebo, 1752, Yangon, Alaungpaya, 1767, King Hsinbyushin, (1763B1777) Ayutthya. God, The Qing Dynasty, 1769 China Burma India, CBI, Siamese kingdom, Bangkok, Shan, Siamese, Burmese, Siam, Rangoon, Jesus Christ, Christian Church, Early Christians , Judson,
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by God, Geez, Ethiopic, Ethiopian, Eglise Copte, Early Christians Africa, Etiopiens, BFBS, Kebra Nagast, British Bible Society,
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